WeChat Appears to Censor Binance and Huobi Searches

China’s ubiquitous messaging platform WeChat appears to be censoring searches for “Binance” and “Huobi,” joining Weibo and Baidu.

Searches in Chinese and English for “Binance” and “Huobi” are returned with a message saying “No more results,” CoinDesk staff confirmed early on Wednesday. Existing articles related to the exchanges on WeChat are largely still accessible.Back in June, Twitter-like social media platform Weibo and search engine Baidu started blocking searches for Binance, Huobi, and OKEx.On Sept. 24, China’s regulators also called for increased scrutiny on companies that disseminate information related to crypto trading, along with a renewed crackdown on the sector.WeChat is China’s largest messaging platform and a key tool for broadcasting news and information.Binance announced today it is halting Chinese Yuan trading for its consumer-to-consumer platform.

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