Unbiased Data Marketplace Is Building A Trustworthy And Transparent Data Platform For AI

The desire to improve people’s lives through innovation is one of the reasons humanity continues to evolve. There appears to be a technological innovation in every era that propels the world forward, pushing society to its limits. Blockchain technology is without a doubt one of the technological innovations that is currently driving the world. One of the blockchain technology use cases, cryptocurrency, has disrupted the world’s financial system and improved our lives for over a decade. The incredible thing is that other unique innovations are leveraging the power of the blockchain to solve common societal problems. In this article, we will look at Unbiased, a ‘game-changing’ Data Marketplace that uses the power of blockchain to solve the Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry’s issues with access to quality data, data provenance, and data privacy. The Unbiased Data Platform Unbiased is a trustworthy and transparent Data platform for artificial intelligence. The Unbiased platform is building solutions on the Telos blockchain to fight biased AI, fake news, and information. Unbiased is set to disrupt the Data industry through its unique offerings, which include the following: Data Marketplace: The Unbiased Data Marketplace was created to assist various industries and enterprises working with AI and Machine Learning applications by providing structured training data that is transparent and trustworthy. Unbiased also offers a Decentralized Data Exchange Framework, through which people can trade and share data required for the development of AI models. Also, the data marketplace also provides data protection and decentralized development tools for companies working with AI applications, such as data annotation, data collection, analytics, and labeling, all of which come with blockchain certificates. Search Engine: Unbiased is developing a unique search engine unlike the ones we are accustomed to; this search engine provides insights and analytics on various topics of your choosing. The unbiased search engine will aggregate information from millions of data points while also providing insights, thus improving on the traditional search engine. After conducting a search on any given topic, the search engine will return a diverse range of opinions from across the internet. What’s incredible is that you can share your personal opinion based on your search and earn money for doing so. Social Platform: Unbiased is developing a next-generation social platform to improve our communication. Fake news, spam, and bots plague today’s social platforms. This is proven by the fact that Facebook deleted over 1 billion fake accounts in 2018 alone. Unfortunately, misinformation and fake data run rampant on social media, and we can’t believe everything we see. Unbiased is developing a solution that leverages the power of the Telos Blockchain to create timestamps for meta-data to improve the integrity of the data generated on the platform. In addition, the unbiased social platform intends to incentivize users to create and curating content. Why Telos? Unbiased chose the Telos Blockchain for its scalability, speed, affordability and true-decentralization. The Telos Blockchain is also web3 friendly, which aligns with the goals of the Unbiased movement. Telos is also one of the most decentralized networks, bringing insulation against censorship to its entire ecosystem. The Telos Blockchain has a transaction speed that is 30 times faster than Ethereum, the most popular blockchain globally. There are very few blockchains that can compete with Telos in terms of speed and scalability. Biased is building on the Telos Blockchain, among other things, to take advantage of its near-unrivaled speed, scalability, nano fees and true-decentralization. Closing Thoughts The increased adoption of AI has raised concerns about data quality, data privacy, and data transparency. Governments and regulators all over the world have been working to address this growing concern. Unbiased seeks to show to the world that building on a low-cost, high-transaction-speed and scalable blockchain like Telos can solve the issues of lack of access to quality data, data provenance, and data privacy in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry.
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