UK Jails Crypto Miner for 13 Months for Stealing Electricity: Report

A crypto miner in the U.K. county of Leicestershire has been jailed for 13 months for stealing GBP32,000 ($44,000) of electricity to operate bitcoin mining machines.

Sanjay Singh, 40, pleaded guilty to bypassing electrical mains to power mining machines at two sites, local news outlet Leicester Mercury reported Thursday.
An inspection showed that Singh had manipulated the wiring to abstract electricity to an unmetered fuse box to run more than 200 devices.
Such a method is not an uncommon criminal activity, but is more frequently carried out to support criminal activities such as growing cannabis, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) noted.
“This is a highly unusual case,” Andrew Baxter of the CPS said. “Bitcoin mining is a legitimate legal enterprise.”

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