The HUSL Announces Worldwide Rap Competition

The NFT/music platform has announced a new global rap competition where the grand prize winner will have the chance to be flown out to LA for a studio recording and will have their own NFT featured and sold on the platform.

Leading musical NFT platform, The HUSL, announced their first global rap competition, to give underrepresented artists the chance to share their music with the world. The announcement was made on Twitter on October 4, 2021, with more information to come.  

The competition itself will run for two to three weeks total, with the first week dedicated to submissions and selection. Following the initial round, selected artists will go into competitive rounds, and one winner will be chosen. The HUSL’s Telegram chat will also be providing detailed information for artists and allow the community to stay involved and engaged throughout the competition. 

“This rap competition is important to the HUSL because we want to empower all artists. Not just the famous ones. We want to give people around the world an opportunity to be discovered and heard,” said Varun Bajaj, CEO of HUSL. “ We are excited to see new artists work and find a winner to join us in LA.”

To enter the competition, participants need to follow the three steps that were provided on Twitter:

Participants must hold 350 HUSL tokens to be eligible to enter the competition.Submissions must be at least one minute long and the beat will be provided for the contestants.The main goal of the competition will be to get current community members more involved and engaged, as well as to grow the community itself. 

About The HUSL

The HUSL is a revolutionary platform with a single purpose of helping hustling artists and creators to get the credits and monetary benefits they deserve. The platform uses blockchain technology to eliminate intermediaries and connect artists with their audiences directly.

Artists can create art such as music albums and share them with their audience as NFTs. Also, as NFTs are registered on blockchain technology, their copyrights are immutable, giving the artist peace of mind. The HUSL has a utility token HUSL that gives the token holders the ability to vote on the future of the music industry and hold stakes in the careers of artists.

Learn more about HUSL at, Website, Twitter, Instagram, and join the Telegram community

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