Spicy Chicken Club Announces Limited Edition Angry NFT Chickens

The Spicy Chicken Club team is excited to announce its limited collection of 5,000 randomly generated angry non-fungible token (NFT) chickens launching on the Solana blockchain. 

Spicy Chicken Club NFTs aren’t only unique but they also offer some special opportunities for their holders.

Nifty print

While shedding more light on the project, the Spicy Chicken Club leadership explained that each Spicy Chicken will earn passive income for its holder in several different ways. 

Funds raised during the NFT mint sale will be used to create Nifty Print (niftyprint.io), the first-ever NFT print-on-demand marketplace. Spicy Chicken Club members will receive 20% of all profits from Nifty Print.

The leadership expressed its focus and determination on providing the most value for its holders. In addition to Nifty Print profits, it said that 2% of royalties on the 5,000 Spicy Chickens on the secondary market will be distributed amongst holders. 

Welcome to the club

Spicy Chicken Club membership is open to all holders. Once you purchase the token, you are automatically qualified to become a Spicy Chicken Club member. Your membership qualifies you for tons of benefits that will increase over time. 

The beginning

The idea for the project was reportedly born between July and August 2021. After several brainstorming sessions, the founders decided to assemble a team of talented and experienced developers, artists, and marketers to handle the project and bring it to life.

The project quickly grew to more than 10,000 Twitter followers and 8,000 discord members in less than a month after their social media profiles were published. 

Launching on the Solana blockchain

According to the Spicy Chicken Club leadership, the NFT will be minted on Solana, one of the fastest blockchains in the world and the fastest-growing ecosystem in the cryptocurrency community.

The project’s leadership cited Solana’s popularity in the cryptocurrency community, its low fees, and its promising future as the fundamental reasons for why it chose the blockchain for the project.

Members of the public and interested investors are advised to visit Spicy Chicken Club’s official website to keep a tab on the project’s development and the roadmap before their highly-anticipated launch in October 2021.

Social Links: Twitter | Discord | Website.

Spicy Chicken Club NFTs | Mint Date: October 18, 2021, | Twitter The latest Tweets from Spicy Chicken Club NFTs | Mint Date: October 18, 2021, 5,000 randomly generated angry chicken NFTs on Solana. Earn royalties from NFTs income | Mint date: October 18, 2021, on the Solana blockchain.

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