Shatner May Have Conquered Space, But 4 South Korean ETF’s Beat Him to the Metaverse

Four major South Korean asset management funds have listed metaverse-related exchange traded funds (ETFs), the first in the country, The Korea Herald reported Wednesday.

KB Asset Management kicked off KBSTAR iSelect Metaverse, a passive fund that will follow metaverse-related indexes. KB follows the iSelect Metaverse Index, inclusion to which is determined by factors such as a company’s industry exposure, sales linkage and future growth potential.NH Amundi Asset Management launched Hanaro Fn K-Metaverse MZ, a passive fund. NH scored metaverse-related keywords to pick its top 20 stocks, and added 10 consumer-goods industry stocks. NH excluded automobile companies in its selection process.

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Mirae Asset Global Investment’s metaverse product, Tiger Fn Metaverse ETF, benchmarks FnGuide’s metaverse index, which follows about 20 companies.Samsung Asset’s Management actively manages its KODEX K-Metaverse Active ETF.Samsung and Mirae Asset, which released lists of the companies included in their funds, shows a strong focus on the entertainment and gaming industries.Samsung’s Metaverse ETF comprises Hybe, Naver, Krafton, Peal Abyss and JContentree.Mirae Asset’s list included Naver, LG Innotek, Hybe, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment.Hybe, established in 2005, represents the popular boy band BTS.Krafton and Peal Abyss among Samsung’s metaverse fund, are South Korea’s leading video game makers.

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