Rocket Wallet Signals — The Trailblazing Crypto Signal Channel

Rocket Wallet Signals is a crypto trading signal channel based on Telegram. The platform was founded on September 1, 2020 and has since been providing spot and futures signals with full transparency and open communication. 

Among the onslaught of scammy channels posing as legitimate signal providers, Rocket Wallet Signals prioritizes its community with transparent and honest communication. 

As more people enter the crypto industry, the need for reliable and trustworthy information becomes increasingly prevalent. 

Amid the “pump and dump” craze, as well as the flurry of scam signals, now more than ever newbie and experienced traders alike are growing skeptical of up and coming crypto signals. 

Rocket Wallet Signals, however, is a one-year-old signal channel that is actively putting its community first. The channel was founded by an expert trader who seeks to help people make a profit on successful traders, while not shying away from any trades that were not successful. 

Rocket Wallet Signals prides itself on being unemotional toward the market. Respect and patience are indisputable qualities of Rocket Wallet. 

What are crypto signals?

Crypto signals are essentially trading ideas shared by expert traders. The “signal” entails conducting an action within the market, like buying or selling, at a specific price or point in time and defined exit points for both profit and loss scenarios. 

Signals can be influenced by various factors, such as technical analysis, the news, and the market climate.

Rocket Wallet Signals’ community 

Rocket Wallet Signals has six channels for community members. There are the VIP channels, which are paid for and consist of four channels. VIP signals, VIP updates, VIP insights, and VIP chats are these channels. 

There is a free public free channel with a community of 37,483 subscribers at the time of writing that allows the community to get access to learning material and insights without paying for VIP.

Finally, the Rocket Wallet Bot shares the latest profit reports and is accessible to both VIP and free community members. With the bot, new members can also directly subscribe to VIP without having to wait until a team member is available to give them support.

Main channel versus VIP

Trades and market updates are the main focus of the VIP group, where decisions are also communicated live to the members. 

The messages sent to the main channel have been forwarded from the VIP channel after targets have been met. This essentially means the information is obsolete as the entry is gone and mainly serves as proof of the VIP signal for the public community. 

Rocket Wallet Signals also shares reports within the main channel. These reports include all the real profit and losses (PnL) thereby being fully transparent with community members. These reports can be accessed by checking the Rocket Wallet Bot for the latest profit reports. 

Rocket Wallet Signals turns one

On September 1, 2021 Rocket Wallet Signals turned one. To commemorate the achievement, Adam, the founder of the channel, shared the full reports of all signals over the 12-month period. He also revealed statistics and real profit numbers based on Rocket Wallet Signals’ recommended strategy. 

Monthly stats from the first year:

Average Accuracy: 63.35% Average Monthly Portfolio Growth: 19.2% Average max. PNL: 1156.02%Winning months: 10, losing months: 2

Over the last year, Rocket Wallet Signals has achieved great success.

From riding the bitcoin (BTC) bull run as it grew from $10,000 to $40,000 as well as taking longs on the popular cryptocurrency before its rapid growth— to garnering a community of almost 40,000 subscribers. 

Scam alerts

There are countless crypto signal scams that take advantage of eager traders. Rocket Wallet Signals has experienced scammy accounts copying the platform’s identity. 

Rocket Wallet Signals will never directly message community members first or ask for money on Telegram. Free trades are currently not shared on the public channel, which is Rocket Wallet Signals’ main channel. 

“We have seen more and more clones and leaks of Rocket Wallet Signals recently, please stay alert and check the following lists. If you are in any of the fake channels we recommend you immediately leave and report them. We will update this list accordingly,” said Adam. 

Real Rocket Wallet channels:

VIP Channel: “VIP Rocket Wallet Signals”VIP Updates: “Rocket Wallet VIP Updates”VIP Tips: “Rocket Wallet VIP Tips/Insights”VIP Chat: “Rocket Wallet VIP CHAT” Free Channel: @RocketWallet_OfficialTeam: @Adam_RocketWallet, @Aq_Rocket, @thisaster62, @flipcrypto37RWS Bot: @RocketWalletBot

Fake Rocket Wallet Signal channels are replacing the l (L) by I (i) Rocket WalIet for example. Always double-check the information with the list above to avoid falling for scams. The team will never ask you directly for payment, the official payment address is listed at their Telegram Bot @RocketWalletBot.

Rocket Wallet Signals: Legit, transparent, and profitable

Rocket Wallet Signals is undoubtedly a crypto signal channel worth being involved in. Adam ensures transparency with all decisions and outcomes. 

With scams running rife, a major downside for the crypto community in its entirety, Rocket Wallet Signals stands out among other crypto signals for its dedication to running a legitimate channel. 

With the growth this channel has experienced in only one year, it’s going to be interesting to see how it continues to grow and assist community members in turning a profit. 

To keep in the loop with Rocket Wallet, check out the free Telegram Channel here: Rocket Wallet Signals 

For inquiries into joining the VIP channels, visit the Rocket Wallet Bot

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