Polkastarter (POLS) and DAO Maker Technical Analysis: Back to All-Time Highs?

Polkastarter and DAO Maker have divergent price actions. Although POLS is cooling off, it may race to $4. Meanwhile, DAO is bullish above $2.5. Polkastarter (POLS) Polkastarter, the launching pad on Polkadot, uses POLS for governance. Past Performance of POLS The Polkastarter token is within a bullish breakout pattern, reading from price action in the daily chart. Even so, POLS coin prices appear subdued despite early October upswings but are now swinging higher on the last trading day. Day-Ahead and What to Expect As per the POLS technical analysis, the uptrend is defined, and buyers, even with pockets of temporary weakness, are in charge. In the short term, $2.3 offers support. As long as POLS/USDT prices trend above this level, every low offers entries for optimistic buyers angling for a race towards $4 or better. Polkastarter Technical Analysis The path of the least resistance is northwards as per the POLS crypto price action in the daily chart. As mentioned earlier, every low may offer entries for aggressive traders angling for a retest of all-time highs above $4 in the sessions ahead. Nonetheless, if there are lower lows and bears press, POLS dropping below $2.3 may invalidate the uptrend. DAO Maker The launchpad on Ethereum is one of the most active, using DAO for governance as it operates as a DAO. Past Performance of DAO The DAO Maker token price is clipped, dropping on the past few days as the DAO technical analysis shows. Reading from the DAO/USDT price action, buyers are losing steam to sustain the uptrend and may allow sellers to take over in the short term. Day-Ahead and What to Expect Presently, DAO token prices are in a range below the middle BB. However, DAO prices are in an uptrend, floating above the primary support trend line. As such, a break below this line may force DAO prices to lower. On the reverse side, a revival from the spot rate to above $3 may draw buyers targeting $3.5—October 2021 highs. DAO Maker Technical Analysis DAO buyers may be losing grip judging from the price action in the daily chart. However, the uptrend is valid. Still, the short-term trend depends on the reaction at the primary support trend line. Deep losses may pull sellers angling for $2. Even so, every low may be a loading opportunity for aggressive DAO/USDT traders expecting a revival above the current consolidation to $3 and $3.5 in the days ahead.
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