Payments Giant Stripe Is Building A Bitcoin And Crypto Team

Payments company Stripe is building a Bitcoin and crypto team to help their platform “support crypto use cases.”

In a job listing posted recently on Stripe’s website, the company is adding four new positions with the title “Staff Engineer, Crypto.” Guillaume Poncin, Head of Engineering Crypto at Stripe, announced he is building a team of engineers and designers to integrate “crypto” into their platform.

“We hear a growing need from developers and users in that space for better building blocks to accept payments, move funds, exchange between fiat and crypto,” the job listing states. “By focusing on these problems and needs, we aim to build faster, more trustworthy, and higher quality crypto-enabled experiences.”

Stripe is a giant in the payments game and millions all around the world already use the platform — this could be another gateway to Bitcoin, increasing mass adoption. The listing then went on to say: “Many businesses and users already rely on and trust in Stripe. This gives us a massive opportunity to be at the forefront of a new wave of innovation.”

Stripe originally started accepting bitcoin back in 2014 but was later halted in 2018 due to transaction confirmation times and fees on the main chain. Since then we’ve seen the Lightning Network scale up and make Bitcoin viable as a means of exchange. Bitcoin can now be used as a means of payment without the long confirmation times and high fees — transactions can now be settled instantly for virtually no fees.

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