Mariah Carey promotes Bitcoin and Gemini on Instagram

Yesterday, the famous American singer Mariah Carey published a post promoting Bitcoin and the use of the Winklevoss twins’ Gemini platform.

Mariah Carey as testimonial for Gemini and Bitcoin

This was obviously an advertising post, as the profile itself states.

Specifically, the promotion involves using the code “MARIAH” to open an account on Gemini and receive $20 to buy Bitcoin.

In the video, Carey also explains that it is not necessary to buy an entire Bitcoin – now worth $64,000 – but it is possible to invest as little as $5.

The ad also refers to Black Girls Code, an association that helps black women enter the world of technology.

Mariah Carey’s post reached almost half a million likes in just a few hours, as her Instagram account has 10.2 million followers. 

Entertainment world promotes Bitcoin

This is not the first time a singer has published a post about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, whether it was an advertisement or not.

Akon was perhaps one of the first musicians to jump into the crypto world with the Akoin project.

For example, in July 2020, Kanye West advertised Cardano, the blockchain on which his Kanye Coin would be created.

Britney Spears has apparently been using Bitcoin since 2014 to hedge against her father.

Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, had published another advertising video about Gemini back in 2019.

Not to mention all the musicians and singers who have now joined the crypto world to create their own NFTs, such as Katy Perry, Madonna, Bono Vox and so on.

Miriah Carey with BTC on Instagram

Crypto and blockchain in cinema

The same can also be said for the world of Hollywood, with several actors and directors taking on crypto projects such as Anthony Hopkins who launched a film in the form of an NFT.

Director Roman Coppola, son of the more famous Francis Ford Coppola, is also part of the non-profit organization Decentralized Pictures to support underrepresented filmmakers using a blockchain-based web platform.

In addition, AMC Cinema has been accepting payments in Bitcoin and Dogecoin in America for a few weeks now.

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