Harnessing the power of Aurum’s Reward System with Pressure Vault

The limitless possibilities of the crypto world are one of the biggest lures of cryptocurrencies. Most DeFi projects allow users to stake one cryptocurrency in a liquidity pool to earn a different token with their interchain operability. However, only a few projects have mastered this concept, and Aurum is one of them.

Aurum is a DeFi project with an aim to set GOLD standards for reward tokenomics and BSC security. The project operates on the three principles, decentralization, robust security and unparalleled rewards to offer a seamless and rewarding experience to the users.

The great thing with Aurum is its ability to allow the $AUR token holders to choose their own automatically redistributed BEP-20 token reward. While the native reward token for holding $AUR is BNB, users can diversify their pools of investments by adding the contact address of any BEP-20 token of their preference. Users can choose from large-cap tokens such as ETH, Binance pegged BTC, ADA, LINK, DeFi tokens such as CAKE, BANANA or stablecoins such as USD.

Aurum Pressure Vault

Aurum Pressure Vault harnesses the power of Aurum’s rewards system to create ultimate buy pressure for any Binance Smart Chain Project. As previously explained, Aurum utilizes its Smart Contracts to automatically redistribute BNB or any preferred BEP-20 token to the holder’s wallet. This mechanism, however, automatically creates a buying pressure for the reward token which users select.

As the demand for the selected BEP-20 token increases, it creates a buy pressure in the market, which significantly boosts the price of the token and the popularity of the BSC project. This ability to create an upward buy pressure is the main purpose of Aurum Pressure Vault.

Moreover, Aurum ranks registered products who purchase and hold $AUR tokens on a weekly leaderboard. The top three projects on the leaderboard gain access to several benefits including,

Access to Aurum’s locked “Buy Pressure Wallets” to buy and burn the selected project’s tokens.
Pre-listing on Aurum Rewards dashboard to increase the ease of selection of the project’s token as an automatically redistributed reward.
Promotion of the top three projects using Aurum’s social media platforms.

Aurum is also working on adding the perks by developing Pressure Vault, such as the opportunity to feature on Aurum’s array of communication platforms (Twitter, Medium blog, Reddit, Discord and Telegram AMA Video Chats).

The Pressure Vault also brings more utility to $AUR holders as increased trading volume, exposure to several investment communities and more use cases of $AUR token. Aurum Pressure Vault is a useful tool for any BEP-20 project as it can kick start their project and create a buy pressure while increasing the demand of the token.

To learn more about Aurum Pressure Vault and other products, visit https://aurumofficial.net/.

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