Hacker steals 88 ETH in an NFT project, then returns it

Creature Toadz is an NFT project that will have its first launch in the next few hours and many are talking about it because unfortunately, it has been the object of a very peculiar hacker attack

The hacker attack on the NFT project Creature Toadz

Yesterday morning, an anonymous figure hacked into the Discord server of the project in question. The hacker, who later turned out to be a minor, pretended to be a moderator, shared a link with members of the community and convinced them that they needed Ethereum in order to mint Creature Toadz

In doing so, he got users to send him more than 88 ETH worth $340,000.

The team then claimed that their Discord was compromised for about 45 minutes.

Creature Toadz

The search for the hacker and the return of the stolen funds

After the hack, a discussion broke out on Twitter between the Creature Toadz community and investor Andrew Wang.

An anonymous NFT analyst, who goes by the Twitter name OKHotshot, was able to link the identity of the hacker with his Twitter account.

The same analyst then noticed that the alleged hacker was present, as a listener, in the Twitter discussion and therefore directly urged him to return the funds.

The 17-year-old, having no way out, publicly admitted that he was the author of the hack. HEERR, whose real name is still unknown, said that he is a high school student, that it was all a joke and that the original plan was to return the funds.

Shortly after the discussion and admission of guilt, the hacker returned all the money to the team’s address and they decided not to press charges. They are now planning to refund the community members who were misled.

NFT and security

The incident obviously leaves behind a number of questions and concerns about the security that Discord can really offer. 

Could this perhaps be the price one has to pay to be able to participate in these great opportunities, which are not yet available to everyone? Perhaps that is indeed the case.

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