GeFi’s September Recap

Here’s a recap of what GeFi has accomplished in September 2021.

The team has participated in a total of 5 AMA (ask-me-anything) sessions with Crypto O. Seven, Heaven of Crypto, Decentralized Club, Crypto Fury, and The Grey Crypto Hub.

The marketing teams, led by Josh and Alton, have been working around the clock to spread knowledge related to GeFi to various cryptocurrency communities through these sessions.

The team has received tremendous support and positive feedback from all the communities that GeFi is present. GeFi is a 100% community-driven project.

As a movement to reward KOLs in the community, GeFi has organized a KOL campaign to reward KOLs supports in GeFi.

Participants just have to record a video to showcase about GeFi’s highlights and features in their own preferred language. All winners are already rewarded with 1 GEG token each.

Onwards to vaults, GeFi protocol has introduced two new pools which are AXS-BNB LP and MBOX-BNB LP.

GeFi has also introduced a single asset pool at the same time. This allows GEG Hodlers to stake their harvested GEG in the single asset pool to earn MBOX and BNB.

Through these updates, GeFions are able to further optimize their earnings through the GeFi finance vault.

For early GeFi supporters, GeFi has introduced and launched an affiliate program that rewards community leaders and GeFions that have introduced their peers to GeFi.

They have successfully distributed two rounds of affiliate program rewards to eligible GeFions. GeFions that always help to share GeFi projects are appreciated.

To increase vault security, GeFi has done a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) security integration on Gnosis Safe MultiSig to ensure the funds of GeFions are safer as old pools are now incompatible with the new proxy implementation.

As the marketing team is spreading GeFi knowledge through various AMAs, the non-English communities are growing as well.

To accommodate GeFions from different countries that use different languages, GeFi has expanded its market to various communities with other languages such as Arabic, Japanese, Spanish, and many more. C

Join the other communities here: Arabic | Spanish | Japanese | Greek | Indonesian | Chinese | French |

The effort in September can be seen in the growing number of members in the official community.

GeFi has reached a total of 10,000 real and enthusiastic members in both Telegram Community and Twitter.

The GeFi project has planned and will execute more development in the coming weeks.

Saving the best for last, GeFi is now officially audited and verified by KnownSec on September 20, 2021.

With this solid audit report, it is believed that this will likely increase the market confidence in GeFi and this will be another stepping stone that will propel GeFi to a greater height to reach more people.

GeFi’s KnownSec audit.

What GeFions cn expect in October 2021

Stay tuned for the launching of the preview site of StoneAge NFT Marketplace that will be launch on October 8, 2021 UTC1200.

Also, GES ISO (Initial Stone Offering) will be launched the following week on October 15, 2021 UTC 12:00.

The official launch of Stone Age NFT Marketplace is on October 22, 2021 UTC 12:00.

Gefi will be listed on BSC Scan, CoinMarketCap, and Coin Gecko soon.

GEG Ready To GES — behold Stone Age.

Find out more about GeFi. Find out more about StoneAge.

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