$Forint: The Token That Is Changing the Way We Buy Cryptocurrencies

Forint Finance believes that Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies are the way of the future, and we want to make cryptocurrency adoption accessible to everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic background, financial means, or technical knowledge. It’s a platform that is open to onboarding everyone who’s even a tad bit interested in understanding how this seamless and beautiful technology works.

We are convinced that cryptocurrencies will lead to a more equitable financial system in which no one is left behind by the present banking system, and we are working hard to achieve this aim.

We will contribute to the transformation of the current inadequate and unfair financial system by taking care of the entire procedure from beginning to end (wallet creation to tax responsibilities).

With reduced barriers to entry and minimal resources, you can make the most out of it and educate yourself for the future of Finance.

Therefore, we have $FORINT as the native token of the FORINT ecosystem.

Comprehending the role of Tokenomics in the Forint environment is crucial to understanding the massive impact of this complex system: every transaction in the Forint environment will not just benefit holders via redistribution, but other purposes as well;


Once a week, 7% of all transactions are dispersed in BUSD (Binance USD) according to the number of Tokens owned among all holders. Holders will receive BUSD once a week for every purchase.


The team uses 2.9% of every transaction to further enhance the Forint Ecosystem.


Every transaction contributes 0.1% to charitable causes important to our community. Weekly, according to community norms, the fund is distributed to charities (NPOs and NGOs).


You should keep 90% of your Wallet in order to profit from our ecosystem and be an early investment in our Platform.

Holders of Forint tokenomics gain from redistribution. Every step forward in the project’s progress will rely on this mechanism. Simply HODL!

Some important statistics to note about the $FORINT token are:

FORINT is currently trading at $0.00000256000.
$2425.442804203 24 hour trading volume
1,000,000,000,000 in total supply
11,575,669,000 in circulation

The $FORINT token will benefit you in the following ways:

$FORINT tokes will give you a discount on the NFT marketplace based on the number of tokens you hold. You can easily transact in the market and contribute to your favourite charities safely.
By purchasing Forint Token, you will join a small subset of Forint Finance’s early investors, as well as enjoy lower transaction fees across our whole platform.
Once this technology is being developed In the future, the $FORINT token can be withdrawn from FORINT ATMs just like Fiat currency, and this method will also be useful when users need to buy goods and services on the Forint Platform, or just wish to get their Forint tokens without going through too many intermediaries.

HODL to live that enriching FORINT experience!

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