DOT Technical Analysis: Sellers Anxious As New Bull Cycle Crosses $10

DOT price action shows a 20% recovery within the long-coming bearish pattern by forming a reversal pattern. Will the reversal rally break this pattern? Key technical points: The DOT price action forms a morning star pattern. Polkadot dominates 0.82% of the entire crypto-verse.  The 24-hour trading volume of Polkadot is $1.66 Billion, indicating a 4.73% hike.  Past Performance of DOT DOT prices fell drastically after failing to bring about a rounding bottom breakout due to the formidable selling pressure at 100-day EMA and $22. The downfall takes the form of a bearish channel pattern in the daily chart and accounts for cutting the market value in half in a month. However, the recent lower price rejection avoids a bearish fallout by forming a morning star pattern. Source-Tradingview DOT Technical Analysis  DOT prices have inflated more than 30% in the last two days, with increased buying pressure in the morning star pattern formation. However, the bullish surcharge struggles to surpass the $10.5 mark and faces formidable selling pressure. The bearish alignment of the crucial daily EMAs reflects a solid underlying bearishness and showcases the readiness to provide dynamic resistance.  The RSI slope outperforms the 14-day average, which has been the main driver of the decline after having left the oversold area but then leads into a saturated trend. Furthermore, the Stochastic RSI portrays a brand-new bull cycle in motion as the D and K lines start to advance above the oversold boundary. Therefore, the momentum indicators project a rise in underlying bullish momentum ready to fuel the uptrend. In short, the DOT technical analysis displays a high possibility of an uptrend to $3. Upcoming Trend Considering the bearish influence continues to grow on the upcoming trend, DOT prices will drive back to the support trendline at $7. However, a bullish breakout will skyrocket the market value to $15 if the uptrend surpasses the resistance trendline. Support Levels: $10 and $7 Resistance Levels: $13 and $15

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