DeFi Coin Price Prediction: DEFCUSD Price to Resume an Uptrend Soon, Target $0.3812 Resistance Level

DeFi Coin Price Prediction – May 31
The Defi Coin price is likely to further rise if the support level of $0.3406 holds, $0.3812 resistance level may be the target.

Key Levels:
Resistance levels: $0.3800, $0.3850, $0.3900
Support levels:    $0.3400, $0.3300, $0.3200

DEFCUSD Long-term Trend: Bearish (4H Chart)
On the 4-hourly chart, DeFi Coin is trading below the moving averages, which means that it’s in a bearish trend zone.

The sellers are manipulating the price at their disposal. This gives room for a more bearish impact on the market at the moment.

The market value of DEFCUSD at the $0.3445 resistance level below the moving averages is capable of rising further to the $0.3812 resistance level and beyond.

More upside is possible in the nearby days as the momentum indicator is pointing up at around 35% of the daily stochastic in the oversold region. This will compel the buyers to resume an uptrend soon and take us high; we, therefore, expect the price action to reach a $0.3812 significant level soon in the long-term view.

DEFCUSD Medium-term Trend: Bearish (1H Chart)

The currency pair is trading in the bearish trend zone in its medium-term outlook. DeFi Coin at the $0.3445 resistance level as the 1-hourly chart opens today affirms the presence of more bulls in the market.

The buying pressure on the currency moves the price action to a $0.3557 significant level below the two moving averages; this will enable the buyers to continue the upside moves.

Hence, the price of DEFCUSD pointing upwards on the price movement indicator at around level 22% in the oversold region, suggests that the bulls are set to take the price action up to a significant level of $0.3812 as we expect the traders to turn to a bullish market soon in the medium-term view.

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