Cross-Asset Trading Platform DIFX Launches Mobile Application

Digital Financial Exchange (DIFX) is the world’s first fully insured cross-asset trading platform that aims to expand the frontiers of the modern financial landscape.

As it launches its mobile application on both iOS and Android platforms, it takes yet another step towards delivering a seamless cross-border trading experience for the modern trader. 

DIFX continues to pave the way for a revolutionary perspective on trading, the one where the customer experience is at the center of attention. DIFX app design, hence, offers a clean, intuitive, and user-friendly interface that processes trades in just a couple of clicks. 

As a one-of-a-kind cross-asset exchange, DIFX empowers individual traders, prime brokers, and corporations to manage investments in forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and stock futures in one place. To further improve its user experience, DIFX has integrated an AI-based 24/7 customer support that can attend to any query in different languages, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, and Tagalog. 

The DIFX ecosystem is powered by the native $DIFX token with primary utilities including staking, governance, and transaction fees. It serves as a central representation of the DIFX platform, reinforcing reliability and transparency to execute global payments and transfers without hassle. 

With the introduction of its mobile application, DIFX is excited to reinforce its position as a one-stop solution for traders of all levels, beginner or advanced. In addition to providing high security, quick purchase, and instant withdrawals features, the platform continues to improve its offering by adding exciting bonuses and perks. DIFX app can be downloaded here for iOS and here for Android devices.   

About DIFX

DIFX is a hybrid model of decentralized exchange that incorporates centralized finance using blockchain technology. It is a user-friendly platform well suited for beginner and advanced traders, institutions, and investors. The company aims to promote the use of digital currencies for direct settlement between receiver and payer by eliminating intermediaries.

DIFX exchange offers several solutions, all powered by the new smart contracts v2, such as:

User-friendly interface
Dedicated support with multilingual AI-based query resolution bots
Dedicated cloud servers
Regular security audits to eliminate price manipulation and front running
Token vetting and pre-screening
Assured price uniformity with other leading exchanges
Wide bandwidth to accommodate numerous transactions per second

Learn more about DIFX by visiting the website.

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