BitBuy Exchange Review

The Bitbuy system now accepts seven cryptos. Bitbuy has the largest number of CAD to cryptocurrency pairs of any exchange. For individuals wishing to get into the cryptocurrency market in Canada, Bitbuy provides a simple-to-use exchange. Pros and cons of the BitBuy Exchange Here are some of the Pro’s With Knox Insurance (BTC) as a partner and 95 percent cold storage, there is a strong emphasis on security. Honest and cooperative: BitBuy is a FINTRAC-registered money service business with no hidden charges. Customers can contact customer service via email or by submitting a service request.   You will receive a response within the next 24 hours Consumers can deposit and withdraw supported cryptos as well as Canadian dollars. Quick confirmation: creating a Bitbuy account only takes a couple of minutes, and registration is a breeze.  Minimal Charges: The charges are reasonable. Bitbuy places a great value on system speed, ensuring that transactions are completed quickly to avoid slippage. Consumers can use the Pro Trade platform to make market orders as well as limit orders. Here are some of the Cons Bitbuy is presently only available in Canada, and customers should enroll using a Canadian mobile number. Only seven coins are accepted on the Bitbuy system. However, Bitbuy has the highest number of Canadian Dollar–crypto trade pairings and offers some of the top cryptocurrencies by market cap. Bitbuy will also be supporting other major cryptos in the near future. BitBuy Features Aspects of Trading Bitbuy Express Trade is a user-friendly interface for market participants to purchase Bitbuy-enabled cryptocurrencies. Pro Trade: A more advanced trading platform that allows you to trade cryptocurrency-crypto and cryptocurrency-Canadian Dollar pairs. Users can place market orders or limit orders to only purchase and sell. WALLETS: Bitbuy customers can withdraw cash, monitor their transaction records, and monitor their balances. Affiliate and Referral Programs Customers can create money by participating in advertising as well as reference programs. Privacy protection Bitbuy provides a multi-tiered security model to buyers and sellers. 2-factor authentication: To prevent unwanted entry, 2FA is in effect all over the Bitbuy network for both clients and workers. For a single operation like account login or trade execution, 2FA uses two types of authentication: a login and a mobile phone. Bitbuy does not outsource its administrative services to third parties. The exchange’s hot and cold wallets are isolated from the main network to safeguard Bitbuy and its clients. Bitbuy also deployed a Bitcoin platform with a 1:1 insurance ratio. Users can keep their bitcoins in an offline vault, which is safeguarded by significant protection. Bitbuy’s also ensures good maintenance of its source code. which maintains critical components’ closed source. This protects the intellectual assets of the customer from illegal access. Additionaly, the platform also has an inbuilt data protection system that spans numerous prominent cloud providers and disaster recovery sites. All suppliers are compatible with ISO, SOC, and FIPS 140-2. Finally, the exchange performs audits in all areas with the help of reliable third-party auditors. Additionally, they conduct a regular security assessment. Bitbuy also conducts daily and weekly criminal activity checks.

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