AAX Exchange Collabs With FIO Protocol to Improve Wallet Address Security

AAX exchange has announced its upcoming partnership with the FIO Protocol.
This integration will bring a better user experience, in terms of sending and receiving tokens.

Enhancing unified security for crypto wallet addresses is one of the AAX exchange goals. To achieve this milestone, the AAX exchange has officially announced its upcoming partnership with FIO Protocol. Under this collaboration, both parties hope to offer nothing other than to improve crypto users’ experience when it comes to sending and receiving tokens.

To clarify, AAX disclosed their incoming FIO Protocol partnership, particularly on Twitter. According to the exchange, when the time comes, users will be able to send any token of their choice by using a customized address. Moreover, at this time, users will be free from managing their usual lengthy and confusing public addresses; hence, increasing their crypto experience.

Tired of managing lengthy wallet addresses and worrying that you might be sending #cryptocurrency to the wrong person? #AAX is now partnering with @joinFIO to improve your user experience when sending/receiving tokens. Stay tuned for more! #FIOProtocol pic.twitter.com/7vaGGCsBUz

— AAX (@AAXExchange) October 20, 2021

Also, as the partnership will exist to provide more security features, sending cryptocurrency to the wrong public address or blockchain will be virtually eliminated. In fact, crypto influencers are entitled to all these wallets address freedom’s as both parties prepare to integrate.

To explain, AAX exchange is the world’s first crypto trading platform powered by LSEG Technology. Historically, the AAX claims that it is also the first-ever digital asset exchange that switched to the Satoshi Standard (SATS) to drive the momentum of Bitcoin’s adoption of late.

By banking the unbanked, the AAX exchange connects traders, innovators, NFT artists, and high-net-worth investors together. It has a long-term vision to support low-performing digital assets in the real world. In doing this, traders can make life-changing money via crypto.

On the other hand, the FIO Protocol is a Foundation for Interwallet Operability. In other words, the protocol functions as a consortium comprising wallets, exchanges, crypto payment processors, and community members aiming to work on the blockchain via the FIO Protocol. The FIO blockchain consists of a Board of Directors mainly from multiple industry leaders worldwide.

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